Best range hood brands in 2017. Find out who are the best range hood brands on Range Hood Reviews.

Who are the best range hood brands in the industry?

After doing a side-by-side comparison we have found that the best range hood brands are Broan, Proline Range Hoods, Viking, Zline, Wolf, Zephyr, Futuro Futuro, Vent-a-hood, and GE.


Since 1932 Broan has been one of the biggest producers of kitchen ventilation systems. You can purchase Broan range hoods at Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, Best Buy, Overstock, Sears, Houzz, Wayfair, Build, AJ Madison, Venting, and Appliances Connection.

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Proline Range Hoods

Proline Range Hoods is a brand that is know for offering the best value. Proline has been manufacturing range hoods for over 10 years. Proline hoods are made with the highest quality materials and sold at extremely fair prices. You can purchase Proline hoods on their website or several other marketplaces including Wayfair, Home Depot, Amazon, Houzz, and Walmart.

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Viking range hoods have been a favorite of celebrities and designers for years due to their many innovative and award-winning products. Viking range hoods may be purchased on their website or on Build, Houzz, AJ Madison, Elite Appliance,, Appliances Connection, and US Appliance.

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Zline range hoods are known for having many top sellers on Amazon and having unique customization options. Zline range hoods may be purchased on Amazon, Home Depot, and

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Since the 1930's Sub-Zero has been an innovator in kitchen appliances. Since the year 2000, they created the Wolf appliance line, launching over 50 innovative products at once. They are know for providing range hoods made with the highest quality, and most innovative designs. You can purchase their range hoods on their website, Houzz, AJ Madison, or

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Since 1997, Zephyr range hoods have been known for providing innovative products to the public. Zephyr has even come up with their own technologies which have been built in their own product lines. Once of these features is the Airflow Control Technology feature which allows users to control the CFM output of their range hood unit to meet local building code requirements. You can buy Zephyr hoods on Amazon, Venting Direct, AJ Madison, US Appliance, Wayfair, and Build.

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Futuro Futuro

Futuro Futuro is known for their high end contemporary and modern range hoods. They are also known for their exceptional Italian designs, innovation, and environmental consciousness. You can purchase Futuro Futuro range hoods on their website, AJ Madison, Sears, Designer Appliances, or Amazon.

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Vent-A-Hood has been in business since 1933 and they are known for their uniquely designed Magic Lung blower system, company longevity and product quality. You can purchase Vent-A-Hood range hoods on their website, Amazon, US Appliance, Build, Wayfair, Elite Appliance, and Designer Appliances.

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GE is a leading supplier of appliances and not only produces range hoods but they also produce refrigerators, freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers, dryers and more. They are known for their innovative products, quality, and customer service. You can purchase GE range hoods from their company website, Sears, Home Depot, Amazon, US Appliance, AJ Madison and Best Buy.

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What makes these best range hood brands so great?

When comparing the best range hood brands we have found 6 of the most important factors that people look for. When range hood shopping people look for the best value, best price, quality, customer service, reviews, and warranty. Here is the breakdown:

Value 85%
Price 80%
Highest Quality Materials 65%
Customer service 55%
Good reviews 75%
Warranty 65%

Which range hood brands have high-end lines?

The range hood brands that offer high-end lines are Broan, Proline Range Hoods, Vent-a-hood, Zephyr, Futuro-Futuro, Viking, GE, Wolf, and Z-line.


Broan: Offers a High Performance Professional range hood line.

Proline Range Hoods: Offers a Professional range hood line with range hoods over 900 CFM & an Artisan Series Line with custom range hood designs.

Vent-a-hood: Offers Premier Magic Lung Series, Premier Power Lung Series, and the option to custom design your own hood with the "Build-A-Hood" feature.

Zephyr: Offers a Pro-Style range hood line.

Futuro-Futuro: Offers a Decorative range hood line, a wood range line, and their Murano collection which are custom range hoods that feature unique glass enclosures.

Viking: Offers a custom range hood line with their Tuscany series hoods as well as their Viking Professional series hoods.

GE:  Offers a Designer range hood series that come in either stainless or slate models.

Wolf: Offers Professional  wall chimney hoods.

Z-line: Offers a Copper range hood line, a wooden range hood line, 

Which range hood brands offer have the best warranty?

Broan: 1 year limited warranty 

Proline Range Hoods: 3 year warranty

Vent-a-hood: 5 year warranty

Zephyr: 2 year warranty

Futuro-Futuro: 3 year warranty

Viking: 3 year warranty

GE: Offer extended warranty service plans at an additional cost

Wolf: Limited 5 year warranty

Z-line: 2 year warranty

Which range hood brands make the quietest range hoods?

A few range hood brands make range hoods that are built with super quiet technology. Some of these range hood brands include Broan, Proline Range Hoods, Z-line, Viking, Zephyr, Futuro-Futuro, and Vent-a-hood. Looking for quiet range hoods? Take a look at our selection of quietest range hoods here.
Well there you have our top picks and selection of the best range hood brands in 2017. Looking for your perfect range hood? Look at our selection of best wall mount range hoods, best under cabinet range hoods, and best island range hoods.