Indoor Range Hood Types: Ductwork or Ductless

You need to know how you will be venting your hood.  There are two ways to remove the smoke, heat, odor, and grease from the air. They are called “Vented” or “Ducted” or “Ductless”.

The most effective way to maintain a pleasant & clean cooking area is to remove the cooking grease, smoke, and odors completely from the cooking environment. This means that the hood is installed with a duct leading outside of the house. This allows you the most options in the types of blower you use and how powerful it will be.

Ductless range hoods do not have an outside duct. They clean the air by using a combination of grease and carbon (activated charcoal) filters.  A ductless or recirculating indoor range hood pulls the air into the hood and through a filtration system. Then the indoor range hood appliance will recirculate the air back into the cooking area.

Please note: In some cases, a Recirculating Range Hood is not as effective as a ducted system and should only be used when you don’t have the option of venting to the outside, such as in an apartment building or condo or a remodel application that does not have ductwork access.


Make sure the range hood you are considering can accommodate your ceiling height, as well as how high you wish to mount it over your cooktop. Regardless of the type of range hood, you are mounting; wall, island, under cabinet or insert, you will want to mount your range hood  28″ – 36″ above your cook top.

To determine this simply add the height of the (range) cook top above the floor, to the distance you want to mount your hood above the cooktop and subtract that from the height of your ceiling. For example, if you have an 8 foot (96″) ceiling with a counter that is 36″ tall and you want to mount your range hood 30″ above your cook top, then your math would look like this: 96″(ceiling) – 36″ (cook top height) – 30″ (mounting distance) = 30″ (Total hood height). Therefore, your range hood and chimney need to be 30″ tall.

Most manufacturers make their range hoods for an 8 – 9-foot standard ceiling. If your ceiling is higher than this, consider a chimney extension or if it is lower, then you may need to trim the chimney down. Check the minimum and maximum chimney height to assure that you have the right range hood for your situation.