Vent Hood Mounting Type

First of all, know where you are installing your vent hood and how your hood will be mounted.  Is the installation a wall mount, under cabinet, island hood or an insert. Let me define them here.

Wall mounted hoods are designed to be installed on a vertical wall directly above the cooking surface and are the most common.

Under cabinet range hoods are designed to be installed under a cabinet directly above your stove and the hood dimensions typically need to match the cabinetry in width while the depth of the Range Hood is usually more.

Island hoods are designed to be attached to the ceiling and hang down directly above the cooking surface.

A Range Hood Insert or Range Hood Liner, is a ventilation appliance that does not have its own “body” and must be mounted up inside a custom hood enclosure that is already installed in your kitchen.  These are typically used in Custom Range Hood applications for Wood Range Hoods, Copper Range Hoods or other Custom Range Hoods.


Vent Hood Size

Now that you know what kind of range hood you’re looking for it’s time to determine the proper size you will need.  Note: here we are talking about the width of your vent hood.  We will discuss CFM in a moment.

The size of the vent hood you’re considering should be compatible with your cook top. Each type of vent hood requires slightly different sizing.

– Wall Mount Range Hoods –

Wall mounted range hoods need to be equal to, or overlap 3″ on each side of your cooktop. So for example: if you have a 36” cooktop your range hood should be 36”- 42″.


Island Mount Vent Hoods

An Island Range Hood canopy needs to be 3″ – 6″ larger on either side of the island cook top. This is important, because in order to compete with the open air/cross drafts and be able to properly trap and vent out the smoke, odor and grease from the air, a larger vent hood is required.  A 36″ cooktop needs a 42″ – 48″ range hood to do the job properly.


Under Cabinet Vent Hoods

In both under cabinet range hoods and insert/liner styles, the size will be determined by the cabinet or hood dimensions they are being installed inside of. Proper measuring is essential.