Before we can discuss how to replace your Range Hood lights, you first need to know a little bit about the type of light base you have and the socket it will be inserted into.

The socket holds the bulb in place and serves as the bridge between the bulb and the power source, providing the perfect amount of current to allow the bulb to emit light.

Standard light bulbs have a few different types of light bulb bases; screw, bayonet, twist and lock, pin. These come in a variety of sizes to fit into different products.

Examples of light bulb bases including bayonet, twist lock, screw and pin light bulb bases


The standard screw base is the most commonly used, such as a PAR20 mount or a Heat Lamp and can be incandescent, Halogen or LED bulbs. These are simple to change by first making sure you have turned off the power and then unscrew the old bulb and replace it with the new bulb.

screw base light bulb

A Twist Lock base bulb is discernible by 2 lugs on the bottom with a slight flange, these would be the GU10 which can be found in both Halogen and LED bulbs. To change this bulb, first make sure the power to the light is off, insert the two pins into the larger part of the grooves and turn clockwise until it locks into place. To remove, apply light pressure and turn counterclockwise until it releases.

Twist lock Light Bulb Base, range hood lights Twist Lock Base


Another range hood light often found in Range Hoods is a G4 Halogen bulb with 2 straight pins. Once again, turn the power to the light off before starting. Remove the glass covering or casing to expose the bulb (the video below will show how this is done). A Halogen bulb will sometimes discolor or combust if oil gets on the surface of the bulb, therefore, never touch the bulb with your fingers. Using a small cloth wrapped around the bulb, gently pull the bulb straight out. Using the cloth, insert the new bulb and push in until secure. Test to make sure you have connected it properly and then simply replace the glass cover.


Range Hood Halogen Lights A look inside the Halogen casing
Using cloth to handle halogen bulbs Halogen bulb connector


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We found a great video on replacing your range hood lights from Proline Range Hoods: