View larger image. 36" Stainless Steel Built-In Range Hood with iQ12 Blower System, 1200 CFM

BEST CP571QT369SB Range Hood Insert Review

  • MSRP: $1,196, Average Sale Price: $1,196-$2,609
  • 3 Speed, 1200 CFM, Noise Level N/A, IQ Blower System w/ GPS technology
  • Size 36”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 66” Stainless Steel
  • 2 LED Lamps, Hybrid aluminum mesh & stainless steel hi-flow baffle filters

The Best CP571QT369SB is crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring its longevity and durability even under the most punishing circumstances. Its strong, classic-style design not only brings a sense of professionalism to your kitchen, but also a sought-after look in which few manufactures have bothered to indulge.

Powered by the exclusive, patented IQ blower system with GPS technology, the Best CP571QT369SB is not only one of the quietest hoods on the market, but also technologically advanced in its class. Producing a menacing 1200 CFM of ventilation potential, the hood brings a whole new level of ventilation to the market. Included with the Best CP571QT369SB is a 3 speed selector panel including a special “Boost” option, giving you full control over the power of the hood’s ventilation capabilities. Distinctive hybrid aluminum mesh & stainless steel hi-flow baffle filters effectively trap grease and other particles, preventing them from clogging your blower motor and duct work. The filters are dishwasher safe, making clean up a snap.

Two energy efficient LED bulbs bring a massive amount of light to your cook top and surrounding areas as they’re included with the Best CP571QT369SB. A brilliant LED display gives you full control over hood functions that include lighting controls, fan speeds, a 10 minute “delay off” feature. Heat Sentry technology is also included with the Best CP571QT369SB.

The Best CP571QT369SB is available in five different sizes: 36”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 66”. Best has included several options that can be purchased alongside the CP571QT369SB including an ACR2 remote control which allows you to control various functions of the hood from a distance, making it easy to stay on top of fan speed and lighting while occupied in other areas of the kitchen. Other options such as the MD6TU, MD8TU and MD10TU universal make-up damper (sold separately) may be purchased from Best. The damper is used to replace exhausted air only when the hood is turned on, assisting with energy efficiency.

The Best CP571QT369SB is available in the following sizes for approximately:

BEST CP571QT369SB 36” 1200 CFM – $1,196.00
BEST CP571QT489SB 48” 1200 CFM – $1,988.10
BEST CP571QT549SB 54” 1200 CFM – $2,330.10
BEST CP571QT609SB 60” 1200 CFM – $2,429.00
BEST CP571QT669SB 66” 1200 CFM – $2,609.00