Best CP57E362SB Range Hood Insert Review

  • MSRP: $1,196, Average Sale Price: $1,196-$1,628
  • 3 Speed with Boost, The blower motor is not included, Noise Level N/A
  • Size: 36”, 48”, 60”, Stainless Steel
  • 2 LED Lamps, Hybrid aluminum mesh & stainless steel hi-flow baffle filters

The Best CP57E362SB is a remarkable piece of equipment indeed. Its unique design and powerful features make it a sure fire addition to any kitchen. With solid, seamless construction and a classic look, the Best CP57E362SB was built with the serious cook in mind, and on that point, it definitely delivers.

Best has afforded you maximum customizability with the CP57E362SB series by not including a blower motor. This gives you the ability to choose from one of a number of options depending on your kitchen necessities. A 3 speed fan selector system with a boost option gives you full control over ventilation power and duration. State-of-the-art, dishwasher-safe hybrid aluminum mesh & stainless steel hi-flow baffle filters also come stock on the Best CP57E362SB, making hood maintenance a task no longer to be feared.

The Best CP57E362SB features two energy efficient LED lamps that light both your cook top and surrounding food preparation areas. A beautiful LCD control panel gives you full control over your hood’s functionality, including lighting controls, fan speeds (depending on which blower motor you choose to install) and a 10 minute “delay off” feature. Heat Sentry technology also comes stock on all the Best CP57E362SB models.

The Best CP57E362SB is fully customizable from head to toe. With several blower motor options to choose from, you have complete control over the hood’s performance potential. Best has also included other upgrades (sold separately) with which you can upgrade and improve the performance of the Best CP57E362SB. An ACR2 remote control is available for purchase which gives you full control over hood functions from a distance. If you’re busy washing dishes or prepping food in another part of the kitchen, the control gives you the ability to command light and fan controls without distraction. Special air dampers are also available for purchase, including the MD6TU, MD8TU and MD10TU models. The air dampers help you conserve energy by only recycling exhausted air when the hood is in operation.

The Best CP57E362SB is available in the following sizes for approximately:

Best CP57E362SB 36” (Blower Motor Not Included) – $1,196.00
Best CP57E482SB 48” (Blower Motor Not Included) – $1,376.00
Best CP57E602SB 60” (Blower Motor Not Included) – $1,628.00