Review of the Blue Star BSPL36240 Wall Mount Range Hood

Blue Star BSPL36240 Wall Mount Range Hood Review

  • MSRP N/A, Average Sale Price $1375-$2800

  • Variable Speed, 600-1200 CFM, Internal Blower Sold Separately

  • Size 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 66”, 18-ga. Stainless Steel

  • 60w Halogen Lights, Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

The 18-ga. stainless steel finish of the Blue Star BSPL36240 gives it a stunning, elegant appearance. This canopy-style wall mount hood can support one of any number of internal blower options, making it a powerful culinary tool. The sleek design appropriately hides the Blue Star’s control panel, which adds to its aesthetic value as a part of your kitchen. The stainless steel option can be substituted for any one of up to 190 available colors. The Blue Star BSPLxx240 series is fully customizable, which makes it a power house of both functionality and versatility.


The Blue Star BSPL240 series is capable of supporting an internal blower that can produce up to 1200 CFM. Depending on your specific needs, internal blowers of lesser power are available, starting at 600 CFM. The hood employs a stainless steel baffle filter system, effectively trapping grease and removing unwanted steam or smoke from any cooking area. The professional grade stainless steel baffle filters are conveniently located within the Blue Star hood. Easy access makes cleaning a simple, un-complicated process requiring only a dishwasher for effective filter degreasing.


The BSPL36240’s control panel is located conveniently under the hood, allowing for easy access to variable fan speeds. Variable speed settings allow you to save energy and maximize hood efficiency. The 60w halogen bulbs included with the hood not only provide ample light for cooking, but also illuminate surrounding areas of the kitchen, bringing a touch of soft light to the room. The light dimming features of this hood are impressive, allowing you to set the mood and save energy at the same time. This particular model, as with many professional range hoods, is designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

The Blue Star BSPLxx240 series range hood is available in several sizes, including 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 66” designs. The diversity of size options makes this range hood series extremely versatile.


BlueStar 30” wide Pro-Line Series Hood BSPL30240 – $1370

BlueStar 36” wide Pro-Line Series Hood BSPL36240 – $1425

BlueStar 42” wide Pro-Line Series Hood BSPL42240 – $1625

BlueStar 48” wide Pro-Line Series Hood BSPL48240 – $1840

BlueStar 54” wide Pro-Line Series Hood BSPL54240 – $2100

BlueStar 60” wide Pro-Line Series Hood BSPL60240 – $2475

BlueStar 66” wide Pro-Line Series Hood BSPL66240 – $2800