Broan Elite RMIP Pro Style Insert Quick Look:

  • MSRP N/A,  Average Sale Price $500 – $560 (Insert only)
  • Variable Speed,  Blower Sold Separately,  Blower Options: Internal,  In-Line,  External Blowers
  • Size 33”, 45”,   Brushed Stainless Steel
  • 2 – (33”) or 3 – (45”) 50w Halogen Lights,  Aluminum Mesh Filters

Broan Elite Pro Style Custom Power Pack Range Hood Insert made from 22-Gauge, #430 Stainless Steel, flawlessly blends professional style with power and durability that fits flush with the bottom of a Cabinet or Custom Built Vent Hood.  Centrifugal Blowers are sold separately with a variety of ventilation power and installation types from 280 to 1500 CFM, with Multi Speed control which provides quiet and effective performance.  Select the Blower that meets your specific needs from 500 to 850 CFM Internal Blowers, In-Line Blowers with 280 to 1100 CFM or External Blowers from 600 up to 1500 CFM.  The RMIP Series includes Stainless Steel and Aluminum Mesh Grease Filters which will trap the liquefied grease and keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.  Optional Stainless Steel Baffle Filters can be purchased instead for a more professional look and performance.

Broan features a rotary dial with infinitely adjustable Blower control that is designed to provide the precise speed you need for whatever is cooking.  An optional remote control is available which will allow you to operate the Range Hood at your own convenience.  Two 50 Watt Halogen bulbs in the 33” model and 3 bulbs in the  45” model provide brilliant lighting over the cooktop and surrounding area.  The RMIP Series Range Hood Insert includes the Heat Sentry, a thermostat that will detect excessive heat above the cooktop and automatically turn the Blower to High until the temperature decreases in order to preserve product life.

Optional Stainless Steel Liners will surround the Insert and complete your custom fit while protecting surrounding cabinetry.

You can purchase the Broan Elite RMIP Series Range Hood Insert for around:

Broan Elite 33” Pro-Style Range Hood Insert  RMIP33  –  $500

Broan Elite 45” Pro-Style Range Hood Insert  RMIP45  –  $560

Blower Options:

500 CFM Internal Blower  P5  –  $315

850 CFM Internal Blower  P8  –  $555

280  CFM  In-Line Blower  HLB3  –  $310

600  CFM  In-Line Blower  HLB6  –  $475

900  CFM  In-Line Blower  HLB9  –  $600

1100 CFM In-Line Blower  HLB11 – $710

600  CFM  Exterior Blower  331H  –  $430

900  CFM  Exterior Blower  332H  –  $540

1200 CFM Exterior Blower  335    –  $700

1500 CFM Exterior Blower  336    –  $890

Optional Broan Liners will cost between $220 to $275.

Optional Stainless Steel Baffle Filter kits are between $175 to $250.