Broan F403004 under cabinet range hood

Broan F403004 Under Cabinet Range Hood Review

Quick Specs:

  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Aluminum grease filter
  • Protective lamp lens
  • 75-Watt bulb, sold separately
  • 160/190 CFM output
  • 6.5 Sones
  • Can be Recirculating

This Broan F403004 model is a great low-cost under cabinet range hood and is Broan’s most popular model. This particular model is the stainless steel option and Broan has the same hood in other colors like black, white, and cream. Some of the best features of this under cabinet range hood is it’s smaller size, easy installation and the flexibility of use. You get 4 options with this hood: you can duct vertical or horizontal with a 3-1/4 inch x 10 inch rectangular duct, 7 inch round vertical duct or just non-ducted and use it as a recirculating range hood.

For lighting, this range hood takes a 75 Watt bulb (which is not included), and has a lens to distribute the light evenly over the cook-top. This Broan hood has a 190 CFM fan, which is a small plastic fan. The low CFM allows this hood to be quiet compared to other hoods, but in contrast the low CFM doesn’t pull very much smoke. Please remember that if you use this hood as a recirculating range hood, once the air is pulled through the filters, it will just be circulated back into your kitchen. This means that any contaminants that did not get filtered will be allowed back into your kitchen.

The filter on this range hood are an aluminum mesh. We have found them to be rather flimsy and do the minimum to filter the air. The filter is a layer or two of of an aluminum mesh, followed by a carbon layer to filter odors and another aluminum mesh layer. This filter is not washable or reusable and should be replaced around every six months (depending on how much you cook).


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