CAVALIERE EURO AP238PS36 Under Cabinet Range Hood Quick Look:

  • MSRP $930 – $1000,  Average Sale Price $800 – $860
  • 4 Speed,  900 CFM,  7.5 Noise Level (Sones),  Local Blower
  • Size 30”, 36”,42”,  19-Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel
  • 2 – 35w Halogen Bulbs,  Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Cavaliere Euro under cabinet range hood makes a bold statement with the AP238PS36 under cabinet range hood series. It blends both contemporary European design and flawless engineering to create a stunning addition to any kitchen or food preparation area. The 19-guage brushed stainless steel finish of the AP238PS36 is impressively durable and fire resistant for an under cabinet range hood, which makes it stand out amongst its competitors. The AP238PS36 definitely delivers where other under cabinet range hoods fall short.

The Cavaliere Euro AP238PS36 incorporates a rather complicated and high powered blower system for an under cabinet hood. Its dual centrifugal internal blower provides up to 900 CFM of ventilation; it moves an unprecedented amount of air for a range hood of its class. When operating at lower speeds, the AP238PS36 has a noise level specification of about 1.5, which is exceptionally quiet. Even when running at full power, however, the AP238PS36 isn’t terribly loud, about 7.5 Sones. Stainless steel baffle filters compliment the AP238PS36, effectively trapping grease and other unwanted particles that arise from range top cooking. Although they must be removed and cleaned, the AP238PS36’s filter system is a snap to both remove and clean. Other range hoods require that their filters be cleaned with power degreasing chemicals, but not the AP238PS36. Regular soap and water are more than enough to remove grease and particle build up.

The Cavaliere Euro AP238PS36 features a touch sensitive LCD panel that controls 4 available blower speeds, a delay shut off timer function and lighting features. Along with these features, the AP238PS36 comes complete with programmable heat sensor technology. The sensors, which are built into the hood, detect high temperatures, and configure the blower motor settings accordingly. This not only saves electricity, but allows you, the chef, to worry less about blower motor speeds and specifics, and worry more freedom to pay attention to what you’re cooking.

The Cavaliere Euro AP238PSxx professional series range hood is available in three sizes. 30”, 36” and 42”. The AP238PSxx hood can be purchased in the following sizes for approximately:

Cavaliere-Euro 30” Under Cabinet Hood SP238-PS63-30 – $800

Cavaliere-Euro 36” Under Cabinet Hood SP238-PS63-36 – $830

Cavaliere-Euro 42” Under Cabinet Hood SP238-PS63-42 – $860