Front view of the Dacor Discovery DHW chimney hood

Dacor Discovery DHW series Chimney Range Hood Quick Look:


  • Average Sales Price $1,789 – $2,299
  • 4 Speeds, 600 CFM, Local Blower. (2 blowers in 48″, DHW482 model)
  • Sizes 30”, 36”, 42” & 48″
  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • 2 (30”,36”), 3 (42”) and 4 (48″) – 20w, Halogen Lights
  • 1 (30″, 36″ and 42″) and 2 (48″) Stainless Steel, dishwasher-safe Baffle Filters.

The Dacor Discovery DHW series is a professional series chimney wall range hood. Its unique shape gives it a space age appearance that feels rooted in traditional European home design. The sharp lines of the DHW series give it a professional yet artistic appearance—an appearance that would improve any kitchen setting. The brushed stainless steel finish and bold appearance of the DHW series are impressive, to say the least. the Dacor Discovery DHW series is sure to impress even the most discerning homeowners and restaurateurs.

The Dacor Discovery DHW allows you to choose from 4 different speed settings. Each range hood is equipped with one 600 CFM local blower, except for the 48″ model which comes with 2, amounting to an impressive 1,200 CFM. The 600 CFM local blower produces a level of suction that is unrivaled. It can clear a room of smoke, grease residue and other unwanted odors in a matter of minutes. The ability to choose from a set of variable speed settings allows you to control, with precision, the amount of ventilation that you require. Energy efficiency is easily obtained with the Discovery DHW series. On its lowest setting, it can quickly and effectively remove smoke and other unwanted debris from your cooking area. If things really get out of control, the speed can be increased momentarily, and then reduced, thus conserving more energy than you would with a more traditional range hood. Aside from energy savings, the DHW comes loaded with stainless steel baffle filters. The filters are easy to remove and dishwasher safe, making clean up and hood maintenance a breeze.

The Dacor Discovery DHW range hood features an illuminated electronic touch control panel from which one can access fan speeds, lighting controls and a timer. The electronic display makes finding the DHW’s control panel easy, especially in the dark. As far as lighting is concerned, Dacor brings two 20 watt halogen bulbs to the table with its Discovery DHW301 and DHW361 models, three bulbs with its 42” (wide) model and four bulbs in its 48″ wide model. Depending on which size you choose for your home, the powerful lighting provided the DHW will be more than enough to illuminate food preparation areas in your kitchen, allowing you full control over the setting and mood of your kitchen area.

The Dacor Discovery DHW range hood series is available for purchase in four different sizes. The options include a 30” wide model (DHW301), a 36” wide model (DHW361), a 42” wide model (DHW421) and a 48″ wide model (DHW482). These Dacor Discovery products can be purchased for about:

Dacor Discovery DHW301 30” Wide Stainless Steel Wall Mount 600 CFM $1,789
Dacor Discovery DHW361 36” Wide Stainless Steel Wall Mount 600 CFM $1,999
Dacor Discovery DHW421 42” Wide Stainless Steel Wall Mount 600 CFM $2,199
Dacor Discovery DHW482 48” Wide Stainless Steel Wall Mount 1200 CFM (2 – 600 CFM blowers) $2,299