Dacor Renaissance Millennia Wall Mount Range Hood

angled view of the Dacor Renaissance Millennia range hood

  • Average Sale Price: $1,619 – $2,159

  • Internal Blower Included with 18″ and 12″ MH Models:

    • 48″ Models: Rated at 1200 CFM
    • 36″ and 30″ Models: Rated at 600 CFM
  • Vertical Exhaust for 18″ and 12″ MH Models:

    • Two 8″ Round on 48″ Widths
    • One 8″ Round on 36″ and 30″ Widths
  • Halogen Lights for an illuminated cooking experience

  • Variable Four Speed Fan allows you to precisely control ventilation for optimum performance and efficiency

  • Sizes 30″, 36” and 48″

  • Clean Filter Indicator lets you know when the filter needs to be cleaned, Removable, Dishwasher-Safe Mesh Filters

When it comes to shopping for range hoods, the colors, styles and power ratings are nearly limitless. With so many high-quality products to sort through, how does one ever reach a decision? The answer is really quite simple, stop thinking about it so much! With products on the market such as the Dacor Renaissance series, your headaches will subside and once again return to sanity. With powerful features, a distinctly European brushed stainless steel finish and a warm, inviting vibe, the Dacor Renaissance is the range hood you’ve always felt you’ve needed.

The Dacor Renaissance range hood comes with either a pre-installed 600 CFM or 1200 CFM blower motor assembly, giving you more than enough ventilation power to quickly and efficiently rid your kitchen of grease vapor, foul odors, smoke and excess heat. While your blower motor chugs away with stalwart persistence, a series of removable, dishwasher safe mesh filters prevent grease deposits from forming within the sensitive inner workings of your hood, promoting longevity.

A series of halogen lamps provides you with more than enough stovetop illumination. If you’ve had trouble seeing your cooking area in the past, then no more! The Dacor Renaissance range hood gives you the kind of precision lighting you need to prepare the meals you love. An illuminated control panel with LED indicators allows you to control both lighting and fan speeds. Other hood functions include an auto-on feature and a 10 minute delayed shutdown option.

This renaissance series range hood is available in a number of sizes, all with a stainless steel finish (see below). The hood features one or two 8” round exhaust ports, maximizing its compatibility with pre-existing kitchen ceiling ductwork.

The Dacor Renaissance Millennia can be purchased in the follow models, sizes and finishes:

Dacor MH3012 30” Stainless Steel Wall Mount Style 600 CFM $1,619
Dacor MH3612 36” Stainless Steel Wall Mount Style 600 CFM $1,729
Dacor MH4812 48” Stainless Steel Wall Mount Style 1200 CFM $1,999
Dacor MH3018 30” Stainless Steel Wall Mount Style 600 CFM $1,729
Dacor MH3618 36” Stainless Steel Wall Mount Style 600 CFM $1,829
Dacor MH4818 48” Stainless Steel Wall Mount Style 1200 CFM $2,159