Faber DIAMIS36SS Island Range Hood Review

  • Average Sale Price: $2149.00

  • 600 CFM PRO internal blower, LED digital display with touch controls, 30 minute delayed shut down mode.

  • Size: 36” Brushed Stainless Steel

  • 4 halogen lights, 3 speed LED digital display, stainless steel baffle grease filters, dishwasher safe, 6″ round ducting.

The Faber Diamante Isola DIAMIS36SS island range hood is truly a diamond in the rough. Standing out against the backdrop of other luxury range hoods, the Faber DIAMIS36SS demands attention. Its impressive and uniquely stunning brushed stainless steel finish gives it an intriguing element of charm. Aesthetics aside, however, the Faber DIAMIS36SS is a powerhouse. With innovative features and impressive ventilation capabilities, the Faber DIAMIS36SS is truly the best of both worlds.

Boasting a powerful, pre-installed 600 CFM blower motor, the Faber DIAMIS36SS is ready to be installed right out of the box—no scrounging around on the internet attempting to find a matching blower motor assembly. Smoke, grease vapor, airborne food particles and excess heat are no match for the sheer ventilation power of the DIAMIS36SS. Silent Kit sound-proofing technology gives the DIAMIS36SS an extremely quiet operation volume, saving both your ears and sanity. A pair of dishwasher safe, stainless steel baffle grease filters accompany the hood, preventing grease and grime from creating flammable deposits inside your ductwork. The filters are easy to remove and simple to clean, requiring minimal effort to keep your hood in tip-top shape.

The Faber DIAMIS36SS comes with four halogen lamps, providing you with an impressive amount of light. With the illumination that the Faber DIAMIS36SS is capable of providing, you’ll never have a problem seeing your stovetop ever again. A conveniently located, 3 speed LED electronic control panel allows you to access all of the hood’s features, including a 10 minute intensive speed setting, quickly clearing the air with the push of a button. A 30 minute delayed shutdown was also included to maximize the hood’s convenience.

The Faber DIAMIS36SS is available in a 36” width with a brushed stainless steel finish. The hood can be converted to a ductless application with the purchase of a recirculation kit directly from Faber. The Faber DIAMIS36SS sports a standard 6” duct adapter, improving its compatibility with pre-existing ceiling duct work.

The Faber DIAMIS36SS is available in the following size and finish for approximately:

Faber DIAMIS36SS 36” Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Mount 600 CFM – $2149.00