Futuro Futuro LIDO IS36 Island Range Hood Review

  • Average Sale Price: $2395.00

  • 940 CFM internal Blower Motor Assembly, Tempered glass enhanced capture area, 4-speed electronic controls, Noise level: 0.5 – 3.2 Sones.

  • Sizes: 36”

  • 4x 20-watt halogen lights, Ducted / ductless option included, Electronic filter cleaning reminder, 3x lifetime dishwasher-safe filters, 6″ round duct output.

The new IS36LIDO series range hoods from Futuro Futuro features an entirely new approach to hood design. The IS36LIDO is packed with powerful features—including coveted radio interference protection, tangential blower design and even a sound-absorbing motor chamber. On top of all that, the hood’s appearance rivals that of even the most expensive name brands. A brushed stainless steel finish compliments the IS36LIDO’s superior construction, making it the perfect candidate for a new addition to your home.

The IS36LIDO features a powerful 940 CFM blower motor assembly—the perfect amount of ventilation for any kitchen, domestic or professional. Smoke, grease vapor and airborne food particulates are commonly associated with the cooking process, polluting your kitchen air and causing damage to other parts of your home. Once the IS36LIDO is installed, you’ll never have to worry about dirty air ever again. The hood comes with a pair of lifetime dishwasher safe filters, preventing grease and other flammable substances from entering sensitive, nigh impossible-to-clean ceiling ductwork. A smart, electronic filter cleaning reminder feature lets you know when it’s time to degrease your hood’s filters.

The IS36LIDO comes with four 20 watt halogen light fixtures, providing you with brilliant stove top illumination. You’ll never have trouble seeing your cooking surface ever again. The bulbs, aside from providing an impressive amount of light, are easily accessible and simple to change. An electronic, illuminated control panel gives you access to all of the IS36LIDO’s features, including blower speeds and lighting options. The IS36LIDO also features automatic thermo protection, keeping you safe from unexpected stove top flare ups. Automatic shut-down and electronic reset functions can also be accessed from the IS36LIDO’s control panel.

The Futuro Futuro LIDO IS36LIDO island-mount range hood series is available in a 36” width with a stainless steel/tempered glass combination finish. The hood can be modified for either ducted or ductless applications with the purchase of an air recirculation kit. The Futuro Futuro LIDO IS36LIDO’s 6” round duct output maximizes its compatibility with pre-existing ceiling ductwork for easier installation.

The Futuro Futuro LIDO IS36LIDO is available in the following size and finish for approximately:

Futuro Futuro LIDO IS36LIDO 36” Stainless Steel/Tempered Glass 940 CFM – $2395.00