Photo of the Futuro Futuro Plane Top Island Hood

Futuro Futuro Plane Top Island Hood Quick Look:

  • MSRP $2950,  Average Sale Price $1995

  • 4 Speed,  940 CFM,  3.2 Noise Level (Sones),  Local Blower

  • Size 36”,  FaSteel Stainless Steel

  • 4 – 20w Halogen Lights,  Perimeter Suction Filter System

Futuro Futuro Plane TOP Island Range Hood Series is an update on the classic where simplicity is the goal of this modern design.  Made in Italy, it is constructed of FaSteel, a specially formulated fingerprint resistant coating over Stainless Steel with a Matte finish.

A powerful 940 CFM, 4 speed Dual Centrifugal Blower quickly clears the air of cooking exhaust.  The Plane Top Island Vent Hood uses a Perimeter Suction Filter System which consists of a central deflector plate covering Aluminum Mesh Filters, creating an air curtain effect that causes the smoke, vapors and heat to be suctioned through side panels.  The result is a neater and cleaner look that is more effective.  Both the panel and concealed Mesh Grease Filters are dishwasher safe for thorough and easy cleaning.  (Futuro Futuro has listed the noise level at 3.2 sones when running on the highest speed, however in our experience of other brands, a similar size Blower Motor producing 600 CFM or more, does not have a rating less than 5 or 6 Sones.)

An electronic illuminated push button control panel adjusts the 4 Blower settings and offers a 15 minute Delayed Shut-off feature.  A ‘Clean Filter” light will flash after 30 hours of Range Hood use reminding you it’s time to wash the filters.  Your Island cooktop area will be brightly lit with four 20 Watt Halogen bulbs.

This model is only available in the 36” width.  You can purchase the Futuro Futuro Plane Top Island Range Hood Series in 36” wide, model number IS36PLANETOP for around $1995.