Kobe CH-27 SQB-1 Wall Mount Range Hood Review

  • Average Sale Price: $1739.00 – $2609.00

  • 6-Speed / Five electronic button with LED Display, featuring the ECO Mode, Light Control, Speed Control (Speed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & QuietMode™ Speed), and Power Control (On/Off).

  • four sizes: 30”, 36”, 42” and 48”

  • The hood is equipped with 3W LED lights with 3-level lighting. Dishwasher safe professional baffle filters allow for easy cleaning.

The Kobe CH2730SQB-1 series range hood is a perfect choice for the discerning homeowner who desires to complete a European-influenced kitchen. While any kitchen would benefit from having a brand new Kobe CH2730SQB-1 as the centerpiece, the hood is distinctly classy, featuring an elegant brushed stainless steel finish and seamless construction.

The Kobe CH2730SQB-1 comes from the factory with a powerful, pre-installed, 720 CFM blower motor. With 720 CFM worth of ventilation potential at your fingertips, you can rest assured that your kitchen won’t be plagued by annoying grease build-up on cabinetry. Smoke, steam, excess heat and foul odors are no match for the Kobe CH2730SQB-1. Even when operating at full power, the hood only produces 4.5 Sones. The Kobe CH2730SQB-1 comes with a series of professional grade, dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters that are easy to access and clean.

The Kobe CH2730SQB-1 features a series of 3 watt LED bulbs that have 3 brightness levels, allowing you to choose what’s best for each situation. You’ll never have to worry about seeing your cook top clearly once you install the Kobe CH2730SQB-1. A 5 electronic button control panel gives you access to other hood features such as ECO mode, fan speeds, lighting levels and a time delay shut off option.

The Kobe CH2730SQB-1 series is available in four sizes: 30”, 36”, 42” and 48”. The following models with respective finishes can be purchased online for approximately:

Kobe CH2730SQB-1 30” Brushed Stainless Steel 720 CFM – $1020.00
Kobe CH2736SQB-1 36” Brushed Stainless Steel 720 CFM – $1304.00
Kobe CH2742SQB-1 42” Brushed Stainless Steel 720 CFM – $1417.00
Kobe CH2748SQB-1 48” Brushed Stainless Steel 720 CFM – $1199.00