Kobe IS2236SQF Island Range Hood Review

  • Average Sale Price: $1547.00 – $1550.00

  • At 280 CFM, this unique feature allows the KOBE range hood to operate at a reduced sound level of 44 decibels (1.3 Sone).

  • 3 speed recessed mechanical push button control panel, powerful and efficient, 18-Gauge Commercial Grade Stainless Steel – Satin Finish

  • Sizes 36”, 42” Brushed Stainless Steel

  • 3W 12V LED lights, easy to clean Aluminum Mesh Filters

The Kobe IS2236SQF series range hood appears as if it’s about to take flight with its sleek, aerodynamic design. A brushed stainless steel chassis, brilliant engineering and European-influenced construction make the Kobe IS2236SQF a range hood that refuses to be passed over. The hood isn’t just all looks, however—it’s more powerful than it lets on.

The Kobe IS2236SQF comes with a pre-installed, three speed 700 CFM motor that guarantees your kitchen will be free of the odors and unsavory vapors that come with food preparation. Even when the hood is operating at a full 700 CFM (enough to completely clean the air in your cooking area in mere moments) it only produces 4.8 Sones, allowing you to carry on conversations, listen to music or talk on the phone as the hood freshens your kitchen. The Kobe IS2236SQF comes with a pair of aluminum mesh filters that are dishwasher-safe and easy to access.

The Kobe IS2236SQF produces an incredible amount of light as it employs a series of 3 w 12 v, energy efficient LED lights. With that kind of illumination, you’ll be able to see your cook top clearly as well as surrounding counter tops. A three speed mechanical push button interface gives you access to both multiple fan speeds and lighting controls.

The Kobe IS2236SQF series is available in two sizes: 36”, and 42”. The following models with respective finishes can be purchased online for approximately:

Kobe IS2236SQF 36” Brushed Stainless Steel 700 CFM – $1550.00
Kobe IS2242SQF 42” Brushed Stainless Steel 700 CFM – $1547.00