KOBE RA38SQD Under Cabinet Range Hood Review

  • Average Sale Price: $670.00 – $719.00

  • At 150 CFM, this unique features allows the KOBE range hood to operate at a reduced sound level of 50 decibels (2.0 Sone). The Time Delay System features a 10-second standby startup and a 30-second delay shutoff (1 push On/Off) or immediately shutdown (2 push On/Off).

  • Sizes: 30″ and 36″

  • This model has a four-button control panel – Light, Speed button (cycles through Low, Medium, High, & QuietMode™), alternate Speed button (cycles through Low, QuietMode™, High, & Medium) and On/Off. Comes with two bright 12-volt 20-watt halogen lights. With this charcoal filter unit, smokes and greases are easier to handle.

The Kobe RA3830SQD series under cabinet range hood is amongst one of the well-designed under cabinets offered by Kobe. With a stunning brushed stainless steel finish and impressive engineering, the hood hovers over your stove as if it weren’t even there—and yet it is! Its powerful blower motor is more than enough to keep your kitchen fresh, no matter what you’re cooking up.

The Kobe RA3830SQD features a powerful, pre-installed, four speed 400 CFM blower motor that’s capable of removing unwanted odors, grease vapor, food particulates, smoke, steam and even excess heat from the air in your kitchen, keeping things fresh and smelling pleasant. Even when the hood is operating at a full 400 CFM, it only produces 4.6 Sones, allowing you to carry on low level conversations, watch TV or listen to your favorite music as the hood ventilates your cooking area. The Kobe RA3830SQD comes with a charcoal filter unit that features innovatively design oil containers, one on each safety screen.

The Kobe RA3830SQD features brilliant light provided by 12 v 20 watt halogen bulbs. With that kind of light, you can not only refine the mood in your kitchen depending on the time of day, but also see what you’re doing at the stove top without issue. A four button control panel gives you access to fan speeds and lighting controls, putting you in charge.

The Kobe RA3830SQD series is available in two sizes: 30”, and 36”. The following models with respective finishes can be purchased online for approximately:

Kobe RA3830SQD 30” Brushed Stainless Steel 400 CFM – $670.00
Kobe RA3836SQD 36” Brushed Stainless Steel 400 CFM – $719.00