The PLFW 544 from Proline Range Hoods is a beautiful, modern glass and stainless steel wall mounted kitchen hood with a chimney extension. The design is clean, sleek and embodies contemporary elegance. This style comes in two sizes, the 30″ and 36″.

As we look underneath you’ll see 2 high energy efficient cool burning 1.5 watt LED lights. The honeycomb baffle filter is stainless steel, easily removable and for effortless clean up, just pop it in your dishwasher. How simple is that?

The PLFW 544 range hood features a 6 speed, 600 CFM blower. This super quiet blower operates from 1.2 sones on low to 5.3 sones on high.

What’s great about this range hood is that it is versatile and can be installed either vented or ductless. A vented system pulls the air in and pushes it out of the house, which is what you want whenever possible. However, that is not always an option. A ductless or re-circulated process takes the smoke and odor in through filters, cleans it up and pushes it back into the room. This model is easily converted by adding 2 filters on either side of the blower which can be purchased at any hardware store.

The LED touch pad on the PLFW 544 Proline Range Hood controls everything from your lights to your fan. A unique feature is the 6 speed fan, with delayed power shut off that is programmable for up to 15 minutes. The LED lights are bright enough for ample lighting above the stove while cooking, but dimmable for softer ambiance.

The installation is fairly simple and can be done yourself. I would suggest asking a friend to assist you because of the glass. Pull in a favor, it’s always more fun with two!


You can purchase the PLFW 544 over at Proline Range Hoods.