ProLine ProV 48W.430 Wall Mount Range Hood Insert Quick Look:

  • MSRP $1300 – $2180, Average Sales Price $899 – $1499 (Hood Only)
  • Variable Speed, Blower sold Separately, Blower Options: Local or Inline including Vexair High Efficiency Blowers
  • Sizes 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 18ga #430 Brushed Stainless Steel
  • 2 (30”, 36””) or 3 (42”, 48”, 54”) and 4 (60”) LED Lights, Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

The ProLine Range Hoods ProV 48W.430 under cabinet vent hood or wall range sports an attractive chassis constructed of 18-guage, #430 brushed stainless steel—a resilient material that repels moisture and other corrosive vapors that arise from a cooktop. The Pro Line Range Hoods ProV 48W.430 is precision welded, giving it strong, distinct lines, even further improving its stunning appearance. Featuring double-walled construction and unyielding performance, the Pro Line Range Hoods ProV 48W.430 is the hood you’ve been waiting for.

Pro Line leaves it to your good judgment to choose an appropriate blower motor for the ProV 48W.430. Unlike models from competitors, the ProV 48W.430 is capable of handling some of the highest rated blower motors in the industry—and that’s saying something. You can pick from internal, in-line or exterior blower with relative power ratings of 1100 CFM, 1200 CFM and 1700 CFM. The Pro Line Range Hoods ProV 48W.430 comes with 2 blower connections, allowing you to potentially install Pro Line’s Vexair VFD High Efficiency Motors. The hood features dishwasher-safe, stainless steel baffle filters.

Stepping into the future, Pro Line has opted to install LED lights over traditional halogen bulbs. This gives you ample, energy efficient light to be able to see your cooktop. 2 bulbs are featured on smaller models while 4 on the larger. Heat lamp sockets are also included so that you can keep your food warm while waiting to serve guests.

The Pro Line Range Hoods ProV 48W.430 is available in 6 sizes (listed below) for approximately:

Proline 30” wide ProV 30W.430 under cabinet/Wall Hood – $900
Proline 36” wide ProV 36W.430 under cabinet/Wall Hood – $975
Proline 42” wide ProV 42W.430 under cabinet/Wall Hood – $1050
Proline 48” wide ProV 48W.430 under cabinet/Wall Hood – $1150
Proline 54” wide ProV 54W.430 under cabinet/Wall Hood – $1400
Proline 60” wide ProV 60W.430 under cabinet/Wall Hood – $1500

Blower Options by Proline Range Hoods

Inline VexAir 1100 CFM Blower when purchased w/hood $300

Local/Internal VexAir 1200 CFM Blower – $600
Local/Internal VexAir 1700 CFM Blower – $900