Proline Range Hoods PLFL 832.40 Range Hood Review

  • MSRP $950 – $2500, Average Sales Price $650 – $1250
  • 6 Speed, 1000 CFM, 7.0 Noise Level (Sone), Local Blower
  • Sizes 28”, 34”, 40”, 46”, 52”, 58”, Stainless Steel
  • 2 LED Lights, Stainless Steel Baffle Filter

The Proline Range Hoods PLFL 832.40 range hood liner was designed to fit seamlessly between existing cabinet arrangements. Not only is the liner a beautiful match up with your current cabinet design, but it’s also available in six sizes, making it one of the most flexible hood liners currently available on the market. Tucked snugly between custom cabinetry, the liner completes the look with a beautiful, European-influenced design and stainless steel finish. It’s the perfect choice for any kitchen, professional or domestic.

The Proline Range Hoods PLFL 832.40 comes with a powerful, 6 speed, 1000 CFM internal blower motor that is guaranteed to keep your kitchen fresh for years to come. Smoke, steam, excess heat, grease vapor and foul odors are no match for the Proline Range Hoods PLFL.40. The liner’s extremely quiet operation produces only 7.0 Sones when running at full power, allowing you to be able to converse with friends or family while the hood clears the air. Pro Line includes a pair of stainless steel baffle filters with the Proline Range Hoods PLFL.40, protecting your ductwork and blower motor from flammable grease buildup. The filters are dishwasher safe and easy to access.

The Proline Range Hoods PLFL 832.40 comes with 2 LED lamps, providing energy efficient lighting for your cooktop and food preparation area. The Proline Range Hoods PLFL.40 is the perfect fit for any kitchen, as it brings with it a sense of professionalism and beauty seldom found in other range hoods.

The Proline Range Hoods PLFL series range hood insert is available in six sizes: 28”, 34”, 40”, 46”, 52”, and 58”. The insert is extremely easy to install, as it is an insert. If you have an existing hood that’s compatible with hood liners, then you’ll be able to quickly install the insert and get back to what matters most—being in the kitchen.

The Proline Range Hoods PLFL series is available in the following sizes for approximately:

Proline Range Hoods Insert PLFL.28 28” – $650
Proline Range Hoods Insert PLFL.34 34” – $700
Proline Range Hoods Insert PLFL.40 40” – $800
Proline Range Hoods Insert PLFL.46 46” – $1000
Proline Range Hoods Insert PLFL.52 52” – $1140
Proline Range Hoods Insert PLFL.58 58” – $1250