Proline Range Hoods ProV 58L.430 Under Cabinet Range Hood Review

  • MSRP $930 – $1960, Average Sale Price (Hood Only) $629 – $1199
  • Variable Speed, 900 – 1700 CFM, Local or In-Line Blower
  • Sizes 28”, 34”, 40”, 46”, 52”, 58”, 19-Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel
  • 2 -(28”, 34”), 3 -(40” – 58”) LED Lights, 2 Heat Lamps, Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

So you’ve finally installed the custom cabinets that you’ve always wanted, what’s next? Picking out a range hood that will amplify their beauty and truly complete your kitchen isn’t easy, but with the Pro Line Range Hoods ProV 58L.430 the difficult choice is reduced to a sort of “no brainer.” With a beautiful 19-Gauge finish, it’s the perfect choice for any cabinet arrangement.

The Pro Line Range Hoods ProV 58L.430 is capable of being fitted with a number of blower motor options, all of which are available from Pro Line. If you’re not sure what kind of motor to choose, you can always consult with an appliance specialist and determine which will be best suited for your kitchen. As will all Pro Line products, a pair of easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters are included

The Pro Line Range Hoods ProV 58L.430 hood liner provides an incredible amount of light via state-of-the art LED lamp technology. 2 heat lamps are also included, giving you an edge when it comes to serving large meals.

The Pro Line Range Hoods ProV 58L.430 series is available in a multitude of sizes, including: 28”, 34”, 40”, 46”, 52”, and 58”. Blower motor options are listed below.

You can purchase the Proline Range Hoods ProV Insert/Liner in each size for the following prices:

Proline Range Hoods 28” wide ProV Insert ProV 28L.430 – $629
Proline Range Hoods 34” wide ProV Insert ProV 34L.430 – $699
Proline Range Hoods 40” wide ProV Insert ProV 40L.430 – $899
Proline Range Hoods 46” wide ProV Insert ProV 46L.430 – $999
Proline Range Hoods 52” wide ProV Insert ProV 52L.430 – $1099
Proline Range Hoods 58” wide ProV Insert ProV 58L.430 – $1199

The High Efficiency VexAir Blowers are available and purchased separately with the following CFM in each installation method:

VexAir 900 CFM Steel Remote In-Line Blower VX.900 – $249
VexAir 1100 CFM Steel Remote In-Line Blower VX.1100 – $298
VexAir 1200 CFM Dual 600 CFM Local Blower VX.1200 – $398
VexAir 1200 CFM High Efficiency Local Blower VX.1200HE – $598
VexAir 1700 CFM High Efficiency Local Blower VX.1700HE – $898