Photo of the Proline Range Hoods ProV Insert/Liner Range Hood

Proline Range Hoods ProV Insert/Liner Quick Look:

  • MSRP $930 – $1960, Average Sale Price (Hood Only) $629 – $1199

  • Variable Speed, 900 – 1700 CFM, Local or In-Line Blower

  • Sizes 28”, 34”, 40”, 46”, 52”, 58”,  19-Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel

  • 2 -(28”, 34”), 3 -(40” – 58”) LED Lights, 2 Heat Lamps, Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Made for the professional, the ProV Insert/Liner by Proline Range Hoods is constructed from commercial grade 19-gauge, Brushed Stainless Steel with precision laser welded, hand finished seams and reinforced corners.  This beautiful and functional Insert provides multiple ventilation choices and will complement any Custom Range Hood Enclosure.

Proline Range Hoods offers the powerful, quiet and high efficiency VexAir Variable Speed Blower with multiple CFM choices in Local and In-Line models, although any variable speed remote or local blower can be used with this Proline Insert.  The VexAir In-line Model is available in 900 or 1100 CFM and the VexAir Local/Internal Dual Centrifugal Blower model comes in 1200 CFM or 1700 CFM.  As air passes through the 100% Stainless Steel Baffle filters in the ProV Insert, grease particles collect on the U-shaped channels and drip into the grease tray.  The filter and grease tray can easily be washed in a sink or dishwasher with hot, soapy water for a quick cleanup.

Bright, energy efficient LED bulbs with two light settings fully illuminate your cooking surface with 2 lamps in the 28” and 34” models and 3 LED lamps in the 40”, 46”, 52” and 58 inch models.  Two Heat Lamps come in every size and use the standard 250 watt Infrared bulb (not included).  The knob and switch panel, discretely located on the inside, control the variable fan speeds and the High/low light settings.

The ProV Insert by Proline Range Hoods is available in 6 sizes; 28”, 34”, 40”, 46”, 52” and 58 inch widths.  Inserts are typically sized 2” smaller than the width of the Range Hood enclosure to provide a tight fit. For example; the 46” Insert will be installed inside a 48” Range Hood.


You can purchase the Proline Range Hoods ProV Insert/Liner in each size for the following prices:

Proline Range Hoods 28” wide ProV Insert ProV 28L.430  –  $629

Proline Range Hoods 34” wide ProV Insert ProV 34L.430  –  $699

Proline Range Hoods 40” wide ProV Insert ProV 40L.430  –  $899

Proline Range Hoods 46” wide ProV Insert ProV 46L.430  –  $999

Proline Range Hoods 52” wide ProV Insert ProV 52L.430  –  $1099

Proline Range Hoods 58” wide ProV Insert ProV 58L.430  –  $1199


The High Efficiency VexAir Blowers are available and purchased separately with the following CFM in each installation method:

VexAir 900 CFM Steel Remote In-Line Blower   VX.900    – $249

VexAir 1100 CFM Steel Remote In-Line Blower  VX.1100 – $298


VexAir 1200 CFM Dual 600 CFM Local Blower VX.1200  –  $398

VexAir 1200 CFM High Efficiency Local Blower VX.1200HE  –  $598

VexAir 1700 CFM High Efficiency Local Blower VX.1700HE  –  $898