Photo of the Proline Two Cylinder PLSI 576-T2

Proline Two Cylinder PLSI 576-T2 Island Quick Look:

  • MSRP $3130, Average Sale Price $1799

  • 3 Speed, 1200 CFM, 6.0 Noise Level (Sones), Local Blowers

  • Size 48”, Heavy Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel

  • 6 – 1w LED Lights, Stainless Steel/Aluminum Mesh Filter

Proline Range Hoods has designed the sleek and contemporary PLSI 576-T2, a unique Two Cylinder and Tempered Glass Island Range Hood, perfect for the Executive Home.  Using a ‘Minimalist” theme, this stunning, modern and elegant Island Range Hood is crafted from extra heavy gauge Brushed Stainless Steel for the highest quality and strength available.  The PLSI 576-T2 designer Island Hood is one of a kind and will become the focal point and beautifully complement any Contemporary or modern kitchen.

Each Cylinder Range Hood contains a single 600 CFM Centrifugal Blower that when combined equals the power of a 1200 CFM Blower.  With 3 speeds to choose from you can quietly vent on low producing only 1.5 Sones and when increased up to the highest fan speed setting the noise level is a quiet 6.0 Sones.The fan power and coverage area over your cooktop will quickly and effectively vent the heat vapors, smoke, odors and grease produced while creating your edible masterpiece.  Stainless Steel and Aluminum Mesh Filters capture the liquefied grease, can easily be removed and are dishwasher safe for a quick and pain free cleanup.   The great thing about this unique set up is that you can use each individual cylinder Range Hood individually or together.  You effectively have 8-10 Speeds.

The PLSI 576-T2  features three 1 watt bright LED bulbs in each tube with a unique adjustable positioning element that gives you the freedom to individually direct the light from each bulb in the direction you need for your specific lighting requirements.  Every spot on your cooktop will be covered and each cylinder is individually controlled to create the perfect amount of illumination.  An Electronic push button control on each tube provides the 3 Blower speed settings and the on/off button for the lights.

Proline Range Hood PLSI 576-T2 Double Cylinder Island Range Hood only comes in a 48” model and is great when mounted over a 42” or 48” stove top.  This Island Hood converts easily to a Ductless or Recirculated system with the addition of filters in each tube and the telescopic Chimney cover accommodates ceiling heights from 84” to 110”.

You can purchase this Proline Island Dual Cylinder Range Hood for:

Proline Range Hoods 48” Island PLSI 576-T2 48  –  $1799