Thermador HMCB42FS Wall Mount Range Hood Review

  • MSRP N/A, Average Sale Price $1700 – $1800

  • speed, 600 CFM, Noise Level: Unavailable, Local Blower

  • Sizes 36” and 42”, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • 3 – 20w (G4) Halogen Lights, Stainless Steel Frame Aluminum Mesh Filters

If you’ve got a soft spot for contemporary European kitchen design, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy the HMCB42FS by Thermador. The chimney-style hood is guaranteed to impress as it performs flawlessly time and time again. With a stunningly beautiful brushed stainless steel finish in its corner, the Thermador HMCB42FS packs quite the punch—a “tour de force,” if you will, of both functionality and visual appearance.

Impressively enough, the Thermador HMCB42FS comes loaded with a pre-installed 600 CFM local blower which can be meticulously controlled with a 3 speed rotary knob. Not only does this give you full control over blower motor output, but also allows you to make the best decisions based on the amount of smoke or steam currently present in your kitchen. Unfortunately, the noise level for this particular hood/blower motor combination isn’t listed in manufacture’s specifications.

Also included with the Thermador HMCB42FS is a pair of stainless steel frame aluminum mesh filters, some of the best in the industry. They efficiently capture grease and food particles that arise from your stove or range top. On occasion, however, they’ll require cleaning, which is why Thermador included a dishwasher-safe filter system. All it takes is a little hot water and soap to be able to remove grease and grime from plugged filters, making it easy to stay on top of regular hood maintenance. The Thermador HMCB42FS is about as simple to maintain as any other hood around.

As you may have already noticed, your range hood can be one of the primary sources of light in your kitchen. Part of owning a beautifully designed cooking area is being able to illuminate it in an artistic way. If you’re still using fluorescent overhead lights, then it’s time to get into the habit of letting your range hood’s lighting do the talking. The Thermador HMCB42FS boasts 3, 20 watt (G4) rated halogen bulbs, producing enough light to allow you to both see what you’re doing at the stove without leaving those at a distance sans ample illumination.

The Thermador HMCB42FS is available in two sizes: 36”, and 42”. They can be purchased for approximately:

Thermador 36” wide Masterpiece Series HMCB36FS – $1700
Thermador 42” wide Masterpiece Series HMCB42FS – $1800