vent-a-hood Euroline Pro

Vent-A-Hood Euro Series EPIH18/EPITH18


  • MSRP N/A,  Average Sales Price $3150 – $5100

  • 3 Speeds, 600 – 1200 CFM, Local Blower

  • Sizes 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 66” Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Halogen Lights, Filterless Magic Lung

The Euroline Pro Series by Vent-A-Hood is a sleek European style Island Chimney Hood which can provide a dramatic focal point in the midst of all the motion in your kitchen. Made with Brushed Stainless Steel and a fire safe design, this Vent Hood is perfect for Pro Style Kitchen set ups.

This Island Range Hood series comes in 6 sizes; 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 66 inch wide sizes. It is available in White, Black and Stainless Steel. The Euroline Series does not come with the required duct cover and must be purchased separately, size will be dependent on your ceiling height.

The EPIH18 sizes 36” and 42” models come with two 300 CFM Internal Blowers while the EPITH18 sizes 48” – 66”” models have four 300 CFM Internal Blowers, totaling 1200 CFM.  Rather than a traditional filter, Vent-A-Hoods ‘Magic Lung’ filter-less system uses a centrifugal filtration to separate the smoke from the grease, which is then trapped and stored in a removable housing. This housing snaps apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or with warm, soapy water. When running at high speed, the noise level for this hood is 6.6 sones.

The Euroline features bright Halogen bulbs with 2 level settings, (High and low) for adequate illumination over your cooking area. As needed, SensaSource Intelligent Heat Sensor increases blower speed depending on the varying cooktop temperatures to maintain safe heat levels. The control switches allow you to choose the speed you want from your dual blowers, which can be controlled individually.

You can purchase Vent-A-Hood Euroline Pro Series EPIH18 or EPITH18 in Stainless Steel in the sizes below for approximately:

Vent-A-Hood Euroline Pro 600 CFM 36” EPIH18-236SS  – $3150

Vent-A-Hood Euroline Pro 600 CFM 42” EPIH18-242SS  – $3250

Vent-A-Hood Euroline Pro 1200 CFM 48” EPITH18-448SS – $4225

Vent-A-Hood Euroline Pro 1200 CFM 54” EPITH18-454SS – $4600

Vent-A-Hood Euroline Pro 1200 CFM 60” EPITH18-460SS – $4900

Vent-A-Hood Euroline Pro 1200 CFM 66” EPITH18-466SS – $5100

A Duct Cover/Chimney is required and will cost between $400 – $625, depending on the height of the ceiling.