Vent-A-Hood PRH18348SS Range Hood Quick Look:

  • MSRP N/A, Average Sale Price $1710
  • 2x 300 CFM Magic Lung Blowers
  • Size 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66 inch, Stainless Steel
  • Halogen 2-level lighting, Filter less design

The Vent-A-Hood PRH18348SS brings traditional hood design back into focus. Its design reminisces of a older, simpler time, but with a modern twist. Whether you’re interested in outfitting your kitchen with a range hood that brings an air of sophistication and luxury, or with a hood that sits quietly in the corner, ready to power through smoke, grease and steam at a moment’s notice—the Vent-A-Hood PRH18348SS is the hood for you.

The Vent-A-Hood PRH18348SS comes pre-loaded with a 600 CFM internal blower motor. When operating at full capacity, it only produces about 6.5 Sones—about the same volume as an average conversation between two people. If 600 CFMs aren’t enough power, Vent-A-Hood offers several alternative blower options that include a 900 CFM option and a 1200 CFM option in larger models.

The Vent-A-Hood PRH18348SS also brings filterless technology to the table. This means that there’s no grease traps or filter systems to worry about, making maintenance easier than ever. The Vent-A-Hood PRH18348SS brings the power of halogen bulb technology to your kitchen’s cooking area. With two-level lighting at your command, the hood bathes your kitchen’s stove or range in a wonderful soft light, helping you to set the mood for any occasion without sacrificing visibility. The Vent-A-Hood PRH18348SS takes advantage of modern range hood advancements by incorporating SensaSource technology into its design. SensaSource systems use a series of heat detection sensors to identify whether or not a flare up has occurred on your stove top. If the heat rising from your cooking area reaches a certain temperature, the Vent-A-Hood PRH18348SS will automatically turn on its blower motor and continue to operate until temperatures return to normal.

The Vent-A-Hood PRH18348SS is available in an unprecedented number of models and options. Vent-A-Hood has even included a back-vent blower option which can dramatically increase the ventilation output of your hood. The PRH18348S is available in several sizes, including: 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, and 60”.


They’re available for approximately:

Vent-A-Hood PRH18230SS 30” – $1710

Vent-A-Hood PRH18236SS 36” – $1730

Vent-A-Hood PRH18242SS 42” – $1850

Vent-A-Hood PRH18248SS 48” – $1930

Vent-A-Hood PRH18248SS 48” (900 CFM) – $2410

Vent-A-Hood PRH18248SS 48” (1200 CFM) – $2869

Vent-A-Hood PRH18254SS 54” (1200 CFM) – $3150

Vent-A-Hood PRH18260SS 60” (1200 CFM) – $3270

Vent-A-Hood PRH18266SS 66” (1200 CFM) – $3410