Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K Under Cabinet Range Hood Review

  • Average Sale Price: $570.00

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish, 375 Equivalent CFM, Allows CFM to Double, Triple, or Quadruple with Very Little Effect on Sound

  • Size: 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″

  • Dual level Halogen lighting, This model not available with heat lamps

The Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K under-cabinet style range hood series redefines elegance. Its brushed stainless steel finish, precision engineering, durable construction and distinct European-style design make the Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K much more than just a simple range hood. The series bears a unique low-profile design, making it a subtle yet present element of your kitchen layout. The Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K brings an air of sophistication and professionalism directly to your kitchen, making if the perfect choice for the aspiring home chef and career professional alike.

The Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K comes with a factory-installed 375 CFM blower motor, providing you with powerful ventilation, especially for an under-cabinet unit. Smoke, grease vapor, excess heat, steam and even airborne food particulates are no match for the efficiency of the PRH6-K series hoods. With patented Magic Lung technology on board, the Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K is filter-less. Without annoying filters to remove and maintain, you’ll spend less time degreasing filters and more time baking, cooking and preparing meals for friends and family.

The Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K features a series of halogen lamps, providing you with more than enough light to see your stove or range top with clarity and precision. An easily accessible control panel provides you with access to both lighting and blower speed options, putting you in control of the Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K.

The Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K under-cabinet style range hood series with a brushed stainless steel finish is available in four different sizes: 24”, 30”, 36” and 42”. The hood also bears two distinctive warranties from the manufacturer: a one year exterior warranty and a five year internal motor warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K.

The Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K can be purchased in the following models and finishes for approximately:

Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K24 24″ 375 CFM $570.00
Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K30 30″ 375 CFM $570.00
Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K36 36″ 375 CFM $570.00
Vent-a-Hood PRH6-K42 42″ 375 CFM $570.00