Vent-A-Hood PRH9-248 Range Hood Review

  • MSRP N/A, Average Sale Price $1180 – $1330
  • 3 Speed, 600 CFM, 6.5 Noise Level (Sones), Local Blower
  • Size 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • 2 – (30”, 36”) or 3 – (42”, 48”) Halogen Lights, ‘Magic Lung’ Filter-Less System

The Vent-A-Hood PRH9-248 professional series under-cabinet range hood brings a new meaning to the term “low-profile.” Its slender design and perfectly contoured construction make it the perfect replacement for an old, inefficient under-cabinet hood that was installed by a previous homeowner or landlord. The brushed stainless steel finish not only provides serious longevity, but also brings a whole new level of sophistication to your kitchen.

The Vent-A-Hood PRH9-248 features dual internal blowers that, when combined, reach a peak efficiency of 600 CFM. A three fan speed rocker switch puts you in the driver seat with full control over the ventilation output of the Vent-A-Hood PRH9-248. The patented “magic lung” filter-less system replaces traditional mesh and baffle filters in the Vent-A-Hood PRH9-248 as it employs the heat rising from your cook top to vaporize grease particles in a centrifugal filtration process. The grease is held in a conveniently removable, dishwasher safe housing.

The lighting provided by the Vent-A-Hood PRH9-248 is exceptional. The 30” and 36” models come with two halogen bulbs while their larger counter parts, the 42” and 48” models come stock with three. A dual light setting gives you an option when it comes to the amount of lighting emanating from the Vent-A-Hood PRH9-248. Vent-A-Hood has also included SensaSource technology on the PRH9-248. If the hood detects excessive temperatures above your range or cook top, it will automatically engage its blower motor until the heat dissipates and returns to a manageable level. This is extremely useful in situations where flare ups may be a part of cooking, such as deep frying or sautéing with hot oil or liquors.

The Vent-A-Hood PRH9-248, as with most under-cabinet range hoods, can be installed as a wall mount unit by adding a matching duct cover (not included with the hood) that fits average ceiling heights of 8 feet, 9 feet and 10 feet.

The Vent-A-Hood PRH9-248 professional series under-cabinet range hood series is available in a 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” model. The prices for the following sizes are listed here below:

Vent-A-Hood 30” Pro Under Cabinet Hood PRH9-230SS – $1180
Vent-A-Hood 36” Pro Under Cabinet Hood PRH9-236SS – $1180
Vent-A-Hood 42” Pro Under Cabinet Hood PRH9-242SS – $1290
Vent-A-Hood 48” Pro Under Cabinet Hood PRH9-248SS – $1330