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Vent-A-Hood PYDH18SS (Left) & ISDH18SS (Right) Island Hood Quick Look:

  • MSRP N/A, Average Sale Price $3140 – $3735

  • 3 Speed, 550 CFM, 6.0 Noise Level (Sones), Local Blower

  • Size 36”, 42”, 48”, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Halogen Lights, Filterless Magic Lung System

Vent-A-Hood Euro-style PYDH18 and ISDH18 Island Range Hood Series is perfect for todays motion filled kitchen and features a fire safe design.  Made from Brushed Stainless Steel, this sleek, modern Slopeline Collection Vent Hood will blend beautifully with your other professional kitchen elements.  We are reviewing the PYDH18 and ISDH18 Series together as they have the same functions and features but the body of the ISDH series incorporates beveled corners and edges.

These series include a 550 CFM motor with a Dual Internal Blower.  The patented ‘Magic Lung’ Blower System in all Vent-A-Hoods allows the CFM to almost double making this Vent Hood equivalent to a 900 CFM Blower. The filter-less system traps all cooking contaminants, liquefies grease vapor and removes heat from the cooking area by using centrifugal filtration.  The trapped grease is stored in a removable housing which snaps apart easily and is dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.  The noise level or Sones for this Blower system is 6.0 when running on the highest setting.

Vent-A-Hood Slopeline Collection features bright Halogen bulbs with 2 level settings, (High and low) for adequate illumination over your cooking surface. SensaSource Intelligent Heat Sensor increases blower speed as needed depending on the heat emitted to maintain safe levels.  The control switches allow you to choose from the 3 fan speed settings.

Both the ISDH18-2 and PYDH18-2 Island Canopies are 27” deep by 18” tall before adding the chimney or duct cover, which must be purchased separately.  These Vent-A-Hood Series come in 3 sizes; 36”, 42” and 48 inch widths and are available in White, Black and Stainless Steel.


The prices below are listed for Stainless Steel finishes in each size and design:

Vent-A-Hood 36” wide Island Hood PYDH18-236SS  –  $3140

Vent-A-Hood 42” wide Island Hood PYDH18-242SS  –  $3255

Vent-A-Hood 48” wide Island Hood PYDH18-248SS  –  $3435


Vent-A-Hood 36” wide Island Hood ISDH18-236SS  –  $3530

Vent-A-Hood 42” wide Island Hood ISDH18-242SS  –  $3645

Vent-A-Hood 48” wide Island Hood ISDH18-248SS  –  $3735