Photo of the Viking Pro VBCV-381 Insert Range Hood

Viking Pro VBCV-381 Insert Range Hood Quick Look:

  • MSRP N/A, Average Sale Price (Hood Only) $1090 – $1480

  • Variable Speed, 900 – 1500 CFM, Local, In-Line or Exterior Blower sold separately

  • Sizes 36”, 42”, 48”, 60”, 66”, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • 2 -(36”,42”), 3 -(48”) or 4 -(60”,66”) 50w Halogen Lights, Heat Lamps, Stainless Steel Baffle Filters

Viking Professional Custom Series VBCV-381 Wall Mount Range Hood Insert completes your professional kitchen cooking design elements by silently subduing even the most pungent cooking aromas.  Installed inside a Custom made Range Hood, this seamlessly designed Brushed Stainless Steel Insert will add form and function to the finest of kitchens.

The Viking Professional Insert gives you the option of a 1200 CFM  Internal Blower installed locally within the insert, a 1200 CFM In-Line Blower installed between joists or in the attic and a  900, 1200 or 1500 CFM External Blower installed on the exterior of the home or on the rooftop.  The blowers are sold separately giving you the freedom to choose the venting power and installation options that will best suit your cooking style.  Commercial grade Stainless Steel Baffle filters are superior to Mesh filters at collecting heated vapors and airborne grease, but dirty filters are not a problem as they can easily be removed and placed in a dishwasher.

The knob and switch panel controls the variable speed Fan for custom venting and with a separate on/off switch, it allows you to leave the Blower on your favorite setting.  Two 50 watt Halogen lights in the 36” and 42” size, 3 lights in the 48” model and 4 Halogen bulbs with the 60” and 66” models are fully dimmable and provide excellent visibility and efficiency. This Insert by Viking also features 1 heat lamp in the  36” and 42” size and 2 infrared heat lamps in the larger sizes.  A heat sensor turns the ventilator on full power when cooking temperatures reach uncomfortable levels.


Viking Professional VBCV-381 Insert is available in 36”, 42”, 48”, 60” and 66” wide sizes and can be purchased in each size for about:

Viking 36” Professional Custom Insert VBCV36381  –  $1090

Viking 42” Professional Custom Insert VBCV42381  –  $1150

Viking 48” Professional Custom Insert VBCV48381  –  $1250

Viking 60” Professional Custom Insert VBCV60381  –  $1420

Viking 66” Professional Custom Insert VBCV66381  –  $1480


Blowers are sold separately and are available for around the following prices:

Internal/Local Blower with 1200 CFM  VINV1200 – $840

In-Line Blower with 900 CFM  DIL900  –   $830

In-Line Blower with 1200 CFM  DIL1200  –  $1090


External Blower with 900 CFM  DEV900  –  $830

External Blower with 1200 CFM  DEV1200  –  $1000

External Blower with 1500 CFM  DEV1500  –  $1180