Zephyr AK9340AS Range Hood Insert Review

  • Average Sale Price: $419.00 – $489.00

  • 1200 CFM Built-In Blower to Quickly Clear Your Kitchen of Unwanted Air Pollution, Stylish and Beautiful Stainless Steel Construction, Innovative Electronic Control Panel Provide for Unparalleled Mastery of Your Kitchen Environment.

  • Sizes: 30”, 42”, 48”

  • Illuminate Your Cooking Area With 2 Halogen Bulbs, Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Baffle Filters, RF Remote Control.

The Zephyr AK9340AS range hood insert is a decorative new addition to the Zephyr family. A brilliant stainless steel finish completes the hood’s seamless construction and innovative design, giving it a distinctly European motif. The hood liner is capable of fitting into most existing hood canopies, making it easy for you to install and enjoy. The price and performance of the Zephyr AK9340AS rival that of the competition.

The AK9340AS comes with a pre-installed, super powerful 1200 CFM dual blower motor, providing you with just as much ventilation potential as the pros. Smoke, grease vapor, excess heat, steam and even airborne food particulates are, quite simply, no match for the AK9340AS series range hoods. The hood comes with a series of dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters that are easy to remove and simple to clean. Requiring little more than a mild soaking in soapy hot water, hood maintenance becomes nothing more than a hassle-free, occasional chore.

The Zephyr AK9340AS features two halogen lamps, providing you with more than enough light to be able to see your cook or stove top clearly. An easy-to-use, touch sensitive electronic control panel with blue LED backlighting provides you with access to both lighting and blower speed options, putting you in charge of the Zephyr AK9340AS. The hood can be configured for a vertical installation, giving it the most exhaust potential. An optional RF remote is also included with the hood, allowing it to be activated or deactivated from a distance, giving it an edge up on the competition.

The Zephyr AK9340AS hood insert series features a brushed stainless steel finish and is available in three different sizes: 36”, 42” and 48”.

The Zephyr AK9340AS can be purchased in the following models for approximately:

Zephyr AK9340AS: 1200 CFM 42″ Wide Insert Range Hood
Zephyr AK9334AS: 1200 CFM 36″ Wide Insert Range Hood
Zephyr AK9346AS: 1200 CFM 48″ Wide Insert Range Hood