Zephyr BVE-E30AS290 Wall Mount Range Hood Review

  • Average Sale Price: $589 – $638

  • Includes a 290 CFM Built-In Blower to Quickly Clear Your Kitchen, Stylish and Beautiful Stainless Steel Construction

  • Size: 30”, 36”, Brushed Stainless Steel Finish

  • Illuminate your cooking area with 2 Halogen bulbs, Dishwasher Safe Aluminum Mesh Filters, Optional Ductless Kit Available

The Zephyr BVE-E30AS290 wall mount range hood series makes an excellent companion to any cabinetry configuration, amplifying the beauty and design of your cooking space. The hood’s brushed stainless steel finish, powerful features and easy-to-use controls make it a perfect fit for any kitchen, domestic or professional.

The Zephyr BVE-E30AS290 comes with a factory-installed 290 CFM blower assembly, providing you with more than enough ventilation power to quell flare ups and rid your cooking area of smoke and other foul vapors that accompany the cooking process. When operating at full power, the Zephyr BVE-E30AS290 only produces 2.8 Sones, making it one of the quieter range hoods on the market. Complete with a pair of dishwasher safe aluminum mesh filters, the hood effectively screens grease vapor and food particulates before they have a chance to lodge themselves in either the hood’s blower motor or hard-to-clean ceiling ductwork. The filters are simple to remove and easy to clean, allowing you to spend more time cooking and less time degreasing filters.

The Zephyr BVE-E30AS290 brings powerful illumination to the table with two brilliant halogen lamps. If you’ve struggled with poor range hood lighting in the past, then no more! The Zephyr BVE-E30AS290 is the perfect solution to poor stove top visibility. An innovative set of mechanical pushbutton controls make the hood easy to use, and provide you with full access to both lighting and blower speed options.

The Zephyr BVE-E30AS290 wall mount range hood series is available in several models and sizes (listed below). The hood can be converted from a vertical installation application to ductless with the purchase of an additional kit from the manufacturer.

The Zephyr BVE-E30AS290 is available in the following finishes and models for approximately:

Zephyr BVE-E30AS290: 290 CFM 30″ Wide Wall Mounted Range Hood – $589
Zephyr BVE-E30AS: 600 CFM 30″ Wide Wall Mounted Range Hood – $589
Zephyr BVE-E36AS: 600 CFM 36″ Wide Wall Mounted Range Hood – $603
Zephyr BVE-E36AS290: 290 CFM 36″ Wide Wall Mounted Range Hood – $638