Zephyr Cypress AK7836ASX Wall Mount Range Hood Quick Look:

  • MSRP N/A,  Average Sale Price $1730
  • 1000 CFM, Multiple Blower Options,
  • Size 36”, 42”, 48”, Stainless Steel
  • Halogen Lighting, Baffle Filter design

The Zephyr Cypress AK7836ASX is a range hood designed to meet the demanding conditions of the great outdoors. It’s designed to quickly and effectively absorb grease and smoke in a powerful way. Its construction is as tough and rugged as the elements themselves. Even though the Zephyr Cypress AK7836ASX is engineered for the punishment that rain, snow, sun and wind threaten, the sleek, modern design of its chassis makes it a beautiful compliment to any gas or charcoal grill.

The Zephyr Cypress AK7836ASX comes loaded with either a 600 CFM or 1100 CFM blower depending on how much power you need for your outdoor grill. When cooking over a barbeque, a range hood is essential. Smoke and grease are hazardous to human health making the Zephyr Cypress AK78xxASX series range hood an excellent option for any open-air cook. The stainless steel baffle filters included with the series are designed to filter smoke and grease without hesitation, revolutionizing the outdoor cooking experience. The filters are efficient, and easy to clean as they’re dish washer safe. The noise level of this particular model is not listed in manufacturing specs.

The quality of the corrosion resistant 316-grade stainless steel canopy-style housing makes the Zephyr Cypress AK7836ASX hood impervious to all weather conditions. It boasts marine-grade rocker buttons on its cleverly hidden control panel, allowing for reliable functionality in even the worst weather. Because the rocker buttons are completely resistant to heat and moisture, you can rely on the Zephyr Cypress AK7836ASX hood to function properly time and time again. The single level lighting of the AK78xxASX series range hood is also impressive. 2 halogen bulbs easily light up a hard-to-see grilling surface, aiding the cook in properly preparing meats in poor lighting conditions. The hood provides two fan speed settings, allowing the user to carefully control the amount of ventilation required for the situation at hand while simultaneously minimizing energy consumption.

The Zephyr Cypress AK78xxASX series range hood is available in several sizes depending on how big your grill is.

The average prices and inventory of sizes are listed below in order to help you make the best choice for your outdoor grilling setup.


Zephyr Cypress AK7836ASX 36” – $1709

Zephyr Cypress AK7836ASX 42” – $1999

Zephyr Cypress AK7836ASX 48” – $2265