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Zephyr Europa Milano ZML-B Island Hood Quick Look:

  • MSRP $1890 – $2100,  Average Sale Price $1760 – $1950

  • 6 Speed,  715 CFM,  5.8 Noise Level (Sones),  Local Blower

  • Size 36”, 42”,  Brushed Stainless Steel and Glass

  • 4 – 3w LED Lights,  Aluminum Mesh Filters

Zephyr Europa Milano Series ZML-B Island Range Hood maintains the iconic curved low profile canopy designed for elegance that does not obstruct your view.  Made with Brushed Stainless Steel, this flowing European design enables a seamless integration into any kitchen.  The Hood Canopy is available in Glass, Stainless Steel or Grey glass (as a special order) to match your taste and decor and comes in 36” or 42” models.

Zephyr Next Generation Europa Milano Island Range Hood features the advanced technology of the Decibel Suppression System or DCBL.  Using a brushless DC motor with 715 CFM Blower power, this Vent Hood moves air quietly and is energy efficient.  With 6 blower speeds to select from, the noise level on the highest setting is approximately 6.5 sones.  The Aluminum Mesh Filters are made to remove fat and grease from the exhaust, preventing build-up on the blowers and motors.  A “Clean Mesh Filter” will illuminate after 30 hours of fan usage indicating it’s time to clean the filters.  These metal grease filters have a quick release mechanism so they can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Milano Island Range Hood features 6 Blower speed electronic LCD controls and mirror finish along with Dual level Bloom HD LED down lighting.  There are four 3 Watt LED lamps, each is equivalent to a 20 Watt Halogen, that are cool to the touch and designed to help illuminate the cooking surface below with the touch of a button.  The Range Hood will remember the last speed and light level it was turned off at and a “Delay Off” function will turn the hood off after five minutes automatically.

The Zephyr Europa Milano Collection can be converted to a Ductless system with the addition of a Recirculating kit.  You can purchase the Zephyr Next Generation ZML-B Series in each size and in either the Glass or Stainless Steel Canopy for around:

Zephyr Milano 36” Stainless Steel Canopy  ZML-M90BS  –  $1760

Zephyr Milano 42” Stainless Steel Canopy  ZML-E42BS  –  $1950

Zephyr Europa Milano 36”  Glass Canopy   ZML-E90BG  –  $1760

Zephyr Europa Milano 42”  Glass Canopy   ZML-E42BG  –  $1950