Chef working in stainless steel kitchen

Stainless Steel has been the material of choice for Restaurants and commercial kitchens for many years. Why? Because it is durable, long lasting and so easy to clean. When used in a residential kitchen, the benefits for choosing in both small and large appliances such as stoves, range hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers or mixers and toasters are many. In this article we will take a look at what the five biggest advantages are to choosing Stainless Steel Appliance.



Stainless Steel is well known for its long life span in hot and wet conditions. Depending on the grade of steel, it will not discolor over time, is rust resistant and stain proof. This makes it a great choice for any kitchen when you want your Range Hood or appliance to maintain it’s beauty for many years.



Due to the non-porous attributes of Stainless Steel and it’s stainless properties, it can be sterilized and resists germs and bacteria more effectively than wood, plastic or other surfaces. The typical Stainless Steel appliance can be wiped down daily with no need to dry the surface.  With young children or pets in the home, keeping the surface clean and the ability to use a disinfectant can make this advantage alone the determining factor.



Since Stainless Steel does not attract germs and dirt, it is one of the most hygienic surfaces used today and is found in hospitals worldwide. During food preparation, it will not react with the flavors of the food, helping you to maintain the integrity of your delicious creation.



Once again, the non-porous nature of Stainless Steel means that it will not absorb dirt or grease and can be sanitized. Fingerprints, smudges and scuff marks are simple to remove by wiping down with soapy water, glass cleaner or other non abrasive products returning the surface to its original shine and luster.



The smooth and shiny metallic finish blends beautifully with almost any home design or theme and compliments other kitchen materials like wood, stone, granite or copper accents. Stainless Steel is used in all major large and small appliances as well as countertops.

Now you know some of the main reasons Stainless Steel has become a standard material in many kitchens. Choosing a Stainless Steel Range Hood and other appliances gives you the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing, compliments other kitchen elements, maintains its beauty for many years, is easy to clean and prevents bacteria from growing above your cooking surface. A great choice for any kitchen environment.


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