CFM is the acronym for “Cubic Feet per Minute”, which is a measurement of air volume. It is used in measuring the amount of airflow from a vent hood that can be moved through the blower or fan in one minute.  This is a rating attributed to fan power.

Most Range Hood Blowers use the CFM rating to indicate the maximum amount of power the blower has available when it is running at full speed. Some companies use CMH or “Cubic Meter per Hour”, not to be confused with CFM as the measurement is significantly different.

The CFM rating is important because the amount of air your Range Hood can move, determines how effectively your vent hood is at eliminating the smoke, odor, grease and heat from your cooking area. The higher the CFM, the more powerful and efficient the vent hood blower is. Choose a range hood that has enough power to properly clean and vent your kitchen, while allowing you to cook in comfort.

A range hood with a CFM of 900 or higher is considered high output, or a Professional level hood.

Please refer to our upcoming article titled “Calculating the CFM needed for my Range Hood” to determine exactly how powerful your vent hood should be.